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Санкт-Петербург, ул. Марата 47-49
Бизнес-центр "Гелиос", офис С405

тел. /факс: (812) 3333-200
8 (800) 3333-200 (бесплатно по России)
моб.: 8 (965) 033-2000, 8 (965) 033-2200


This course has been developed at AcademConsult for Russian Language Study in Russia. It is based on course books which are the latest development in the communicative approach to learning the Russian language. Our course will enable you to acquire basic Russian communicative skills in a minimum amount of time.

Course aims: 

  • Grammar needed for effective communication with native speakers
  • Extending vocabulary skills
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Pronunciation skills

Sample list of topics to be studied:

Greetings. Objects that surround us; City; My day, time; Person; Shopping; In a restaurant; In an office; At a café; Likes and dislike; Summer holidays; Reasons; Future plans; Transport; Traveling; At a railway station; At the airport; Meals; Parties; On the Phone; Joint ventures in St Petersburg; Business cooperation; Comparing products; At the bank; Purchasing; Finding investors; Negotiations; Stock market.


For further information please contact us:

Service hours: Mo-Fr 10:00 - 19:00

Tel./fax: +7 (812) 3333-200

Cell: +7 (965) 033-20-00; +7 (965) 033-22-00

Free call (from any city in Russia): 8-800-3333-200

Address: 47-49 Marata str., office C405, St. Petersburg, 191002, Russia

E-mail: traning@academconsult.ru

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